About Oryantal 1741

“Oryantal 1741” is our second gastronomic establishment that arises from the 300-year-old culture and atmosphere of the Cağaloğlu Hamam.

Reinterpreting kebab classics with the distinct understanding of “Lokanta 1741”, our new restaurant introduces the Turkish cuisine, chosen from Thrace, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia regions’ favorite flavors, to its guests in a uniquely palatable manner.

The menu, chiefly built on grill and stone oven, includes one of the most popular types of Turkish kebabs Tirit’s pita interpretation, traditional pita Haçapuri prepared with Trabzon cheeses, Minced Reyhanli with fresh spices and flavors that leave a sui generis taste on the palate.

“Oryantal 1741” promises a unique “Innovative Turkish Cuisine” experience with its starters such as “Muammara, Tablacı Salad, Casserole Yoghurt and Grilled Meze” as well as “Pumpkin and Local Mozzarella” pita.

“Oryantal 1741”s kebab selection, is as diverse as the dish itself, bringing together unmistakable gusto of Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep and even further east of Iran, shortly the regions that the term “kebab” stems from. Our menu stretches these flavors all the way to the Aegean coasts, combining the traditional with modern gastronomy principles.

Oryantal 1741 is located in one of the shops built on the outer walls of the Cağaloğlu Hamam, where the high-ceiling historical hall completes the gastronomic experience with its authentic atmosphere.